Monday, February 27, 2017

National History Day

The 10th graders created some incredible "Taking a Stand" projects, this year's National History Day theme. Students worked individually or in groups to select a topic and conduct extensive research to connect the topic to the theme. Students then chose a medium to express their learning: exhibit, documentary, website, or performance. Despite delays from snow, the school judging and exhibition occurred before February break. Winners will be moving onto the regional competition on March 4th!


Congratulations to:
Individual Performances:
O. Blackmer: Bread and Roses Strike

Group Performances:
I. Dirks, S. Fallon, and G. Ward: Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners
A. Friedman and E. Patz: AIM Alcatraz
A. Garrido and M. Osman: Loving v. Virginia, 1967

Individual Documentaries:
C. Steinberg: Cesar Chavez

Group Documentaries:
R. Horrigan and B. Shapiro: William Stokoe
L. O'Donnell and J. Schwartz: Larry Kramer
E. Friedman and L. Miller: Angela Davis

Individual Exhibits:
W. Vallatini: Eradication of Smallpox
Z. Taub: National Park Service

Group Exhibits:
A. Hwang, J. Rudolph, and J. Shia: Julia Butterfly Hill
T. Barrett and N. Mutter: Dorothea Dix
A. Blake, A. Mahoney, and K. Shannon: Louis Braille
A. Lin and K. Zhu: Congress and Radical Reconstruction
R. Goodale, N. Schwartz, and J. Woodnorth: Stephen Biko

Individual Website:
E. Payne: Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo
E. Lee: The Sullivan Principles
C. Nwodo: Diane Nash

Group Website:
N. Malouf, T. Osborne, and R. Weitzel: Che
K. Guttilla and N. Yee: Rachel Carson
E. Erickson, I. Lai, and I. Li: Ida B. Wells

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